Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Durn hippies!

I was just outside with my three children swimming in my brother's pool. Well, Shawn and I were no longer swimming, but, Sammie and Patrick were. Shawn had gotten in his pajamas and was waiting for Grandpa to pick him up - he wanted to spend the night there again. They are having such a nice time hanging out. But that's a whole 'nother post. Anyway, so we're at the pool. I'm sitting on the edge, throwing the diving toys in for Patrick and Sammie, and we're just having a lovely time together - the four of us, relaxing by the pool.

The two of them finally decide they've had enough swimming, as well, and are getting out and dried off. And the whole time we were out there whenever I saw a june bug in the pool, struggling for its poor little beetle-y life, I scoop it up and toss it into the bushes, saving its life. As we are all now out of the pool, Sammie and Shawn join me in the fight to save the june bugs. We're just scooping up one after another, and sending them on to live out the rest of their glorious two-three days, or whatever their insect life span is!

Patrick, however, thinks we're weirdos! And he holds nothing back in informing us of this! He even, at one point, starts squirting the poor little guys with the big water squirty toys, to which Shawn freaks out! We get Patrick to stop that, and calm Shawn down, and carry on with our mission!

And then I hear Patrick say, "Durn hippies!!" to all of us!

That kid - I swear! He's so darn ornery - but, so darn funny! Just like in this tricycle post of mine back in November. He slams you, but, it's so funny, you can't do anything but laugh!

What a goofball! "Durn hippies!" Hahaha - I can still hear him saying it in my head, and it was so funny! The three of us there, desperately working to save the junebugs, and then that sorta-gettin' deep voice of an almost 14 year old monster, "Durn hippies!"

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