Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shopping for mailboxes

No Mail
I just love mailboxes and I love shopping for new ones! I think I started liking mailboxes so much because of my uncle! Way back in 1981, he moved into a beautiful two-story home that he had built on a beautiful (and huge) lot, right on a creek. Then he found someone to build him a mailbox that was an exact replica of the house - it was so cool! And ever since then, I just love shopping for cool mailboxes, and as a matter of fact, I desperately need one right now! The mailbox that is presently in front of my house bears the name of a man who now resides in Heaven. Uh, yeah. And it is also very old and completely falling apart!

When considering residential mailboxes, for the last several years, I've wanted one of those forest green, heavy duty plastic ones. When those first came out, I really liked them. But now I'm thinking more along the lines of something more on the unique side. I did like the ones with the pretty pictures on the side, like of flowers, or animals. But it would be really cool to get something so completely unique that noone within 100 miles of you had one similar, wouldn't it? After watching this video about commercial mailboxes, I think it would pretty cool to have one of those at home, too! They actually drove a car over one of those things! No silly teenager with a baseball bat is gonna have his way with that one! Winking 2

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