Monday, January 25, 2016

Ooh Wah La La La Crying

Ooh wah la la la heartbreak
Ooh waaah la heartbreak
I did not cry last night


Ooh wah la la la heartbreak
Ooh waaah la heartbreak

.....only thing is, for my troubles, now I have an aching stomachache.

Maybe crying's not really so bad ...?


It hurts.
It hurts so much.
First, my heart,
It was cracked.
Sadly now,
It's starting to shatter.

Just how is it,
That people live through this?

How will I
Continue breathing?
Moving forward?

I've really no idea...

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hope And Carrots

Just a few short months ago, I was really getting my shit together and oh-so-importantly, I had hope. Hope is the carrot that dangles in front of me and keeps me going forward.

If there is no hope,

There is no going.

I really kept myself in the dark about the suffocating greyness that had become my hopeless life.



"Hey, self? Don't tell myself I'm suffocating. Then I won't even know I'm suffocating."

Ok, then.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Hippie Hodgepodge, That's Me!

I am going to be moving this blog over to very soon. When I lost my main site with the super cool name that I loved so very much - Hippie Spelunker - I had a plan to at least hold on to some semblance of the name. I was going to hang onto the Blogger blog of it.

I have now, however, decided to completely divorce myself from that lovely name. Because they are muddling it up. Schmodaddy snatched up the domain, under the name "Mary Mix", who lives at a nonexistent address. Nonexistent chick at a nonexistent address. Psh. Whatever. But now they are posting links to their spammy diet content over there and I've just decided what I probably should have decided from the get-go ...that it is time to just give them the name completely so I'm not associated with that crap.

So anyway, I'm giving ya'll fair warning. I will soon transfer this site over to Those stupid dummies. Whatever.

The cool thing is, though, that now I get to be "The Hodgepodge Girl". And I like that. I've bought three domains in the Hodgepodge family so far, and I am going to buy at least one more pretty soon.

So pooh on them, they've "given" me a blog network. I'll be takin' names and kickin' butts all over the internet.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dear Ben,

Hi +Benjamin Roethig How are you, dude? Like this better? It's a post all for you!

Hmm....maybe it should have some hot chicks in it or some smart chicks .....or some super hot, mega-smart chicks!

Lemme see...

Okay, so I googled "super hot mega smart chicks".... the first image in the results is this: Not entirely what I had in mind.

An interesting photo with a funny saying on it caught my eye, though. It led to this funny blog post: The Princess and the Pee I skipped down to the end part, where she's describing her funny mensa-referenced photo.

So we don't have some super hot chick photo, but we have a funny blog post. There ya go!