Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Halo 4 Vote 4 Obama Senior Skip Day

Ok, I kid, I kid. Vote for whomever you want, children. Just make sure it's Obama.

So my son (an 18yr old senior) and his buds hung out last night, went to Gamestop at midnight to each purchase their copy of Halo 4 with their AP test money. While there, they played in the tournament - one of the boys won and therefore won his copy of the game. Sweet!

They all then went back to one of the boys' house and hung out all night, playing their cherished and long-awaited game. And are now skipping school.

I'm either a really cool mom or a really terrible parent. Or maybe a little bit of both.

Two of these sweet boys will be voting today for the first time - thrills me to the core. My darling and super rotten 19yr old refused to register. He should count himself grateful that he lives five hours away from me - or his noggin would be very, very sore. Grrrr!!

 Someone even made Halo cookies for the boys! I would expect that would have been Taylor's mom, she owns a cake/cupcake business in town. Or maybe he inherited the baking gene and made them himself. Pretty cool, either way.

The boy on the couch to the right (our right) is the other Shawn - and he's the one that won his copy. Lucky kid!

The goofy, sullen kid in the desk chair at the back is my Shawn. Kinda funny they're all doing the I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED look and Shawn chose that moment to be a cool cat.
They're so cute! And isn't that room amazing? Dang! When Britt goes to college next year, I should just move in over there.

I'm really going to miss this crew next year, just like I miss Patrick's crew this year. Two of Patrick's gang do go to the college here in town, so I get to see them sometimes. Maybe a few of Shawn's will do the same. I know Shawn won't be.

He'd love to go to UCLA or UTD, but, I'm pretty sure when we're being realistic, he's probably going to invade his brother at Univ. of South Alabama. Which I think will be just awesome. Though Pat's not too thrilled. That's alright - he'll get over it. And who knows, maybe as college students together, they'll go back to the friendlier side of their relationship. Like when I used to listen to them talk for hours and hours over army men, tonka trucks, history, wars, science, and just all kinds of stuff.

Anyway, game on, sweet boys! And DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!!!

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Leila (Don't Speak Whinese) said...

I love this on so many levels. Yes, you are a cool Mom and one day isn't going to hurt them. They are staying home to play video games not party, drink and run amok on the streets!

That room? Rocks. I'm moving into it.