Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dear Ben,

Hi +Benjamin Roethig How are you, dude? Like this better? It's a post all for you!

Hmm....maybe it should have some hot chicks in it or some smart chicks .....or some super hot, mega-smart chicks!

Lemme see...

Okay, so I googled "super hot mega smart chicks".... the first image in the results is this: Not entirely what I had in mind.

An interesting photo with a funny saying on it caught my eye, though. It led to this funny blog post: The Princess and the Pee I skipped down to the end part, where she's describing her funny mensa-referenced photo.

So we don't have some super hot chick photo, but we have a funny blog post. There ya go!


benroethig said...

Super hot and mega smart. That lists pretty much begins and ends with Cali

Lisa Roberson said...

Yep, she'd totally be the "poster child" for that! ;-)