Monday, June 18, 2007

Bye, Bye, Bellyache

I think, I hope, I pray! See, it was like some intestinal cramping and it totally SUCKED!!! And it lasted for days and days and days...
This morning, I had one episode of pain, but, no other *ahem* annoying symptoms. Then I started getting a migraine, and so I decided to try drinking a wee little bit of caffeine in the form of a diet cola. I very timidly, nervously sipped at it, waiting for the pain to erupt, but, praying it wouldn't because I knew it would help me with my darn headache!

And lo and pain! CelebratingOh my, oh my - I think it's actually gone! What a strange spell that was! Five or six or seven days of intestinal cramping all day long - that was just weird - and totally NOT fun!

I got to drink about three more sodas at home, and then another at the restaurant when we went out to eat. And I basically ate a normal dinner, well, I did eat a normal dinner. I had a grilled chicken sandwich. I've been very timidly eating lately, too. I just hope I don't wake up tomorrow and it's all back full force, it was just taking a break.

Ok, blogosphere - chant with me...."Stay away bellyache, stay away bellyache, stay away bellyache....."

I greatly appreciate your heartfelt chants, my lovely blogging friends!!
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