Friday, May 25, 2007

My Momma's coming!!

She is en route right at this very moment! She is coming to see me here in Alybama! She left her house around 8:30am, so she could get here anywhere from about 8pm-9pm!! I am so excited!

I have wanted her to come out here ever since we moved out here! I want to show her my house, my town, my mother-in-law's property and her horse. I want to introduce her to Mark's family.

I want to drive her up to the top of the mountain on the road that runs right by my house. I'd love to take her out to the National Forest and show her this really cool waterfall and old homestead fireplace that are out there.

I want to take her to this really cool old cemetery. And there is also a really neat bridge in the woods near my mother-in-law's house and the road that it is on is really cool.

Basically - there are a lot of things that I would like to show her. The only problem is that she is getting here tonight - and leaving Monday or Tuesday morning. So we really don't have too much time to do all that we want to do. I have told the kids that we have to pick the things that we feel are the most important that we want to show her, because we won't have time for everything. So I've got them thinking about that.

Anyway, I haven't talked to her in several hours, I should probably call her pretty soon and check her progress and make sure she's not getting sleepy! She works all the time, so I know she is totally worn out!

Oh! And another really super-cool thing - she is bringing Miss Lucy, or as I like to call her, Little Girl, too! Totally awesome!!!


Sassy said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for the comment on my site. A fellow bamaian huh? I'm in the Northwest. Great blog you have here. Love the layout!!

Lisa said...

Thank you for the compliment and thank you for visiting my site, too! :D