Friday, May 25, 2007

PayPerPost Direct

PPP Direct
This is just a very exciting time in the world of blogging, if you ask me! I am actually still just tickled pink that I can make money doing something that I love so much. There are so many new things happening around the blogosphere, though, that it just continues to get more exciting. The newest installment from one of my favorite companies, PayPerPost, is their way of letting advertisers more directly approach specific bloggers for the buzz and/or reviews they are wanting. This new release is called PayPerPost Direct. With this program, bloggers install a button on their blogs to let advertisers know that they can be approached with an offer to blog about their site/business/blog/product or whatever it is that they are trying to stir up some buzz for. You can see my handy dandy button on my right side bar. The advertiser can then click it, and enter negotiations with me about their desired post. Once we come to an agreement, I then make the post and the advertiser reads my post, and can also at that time have discussions with me about it. Maybe I've used the wrong link text, or they want one more link, or perhaps, they are extremely pleased with the post. Then they approve the post - and I get paid!

I could enter into all of these negotiations and going back and forth with an advertiser on my own, and I have before, but, I do not have the safety net of another company to make sure that I do, in fact, get paid. And PayPerPost only takes 10% of the total cost of the post! That is an amazingly low percentage for a service such as this in the blogging marketplace today! It is really unheard of, in comparison to other such services. So say you and I negotiate and you decide that you are willing to pay me $20 for a post. Then the total cost to you would only be $22! Do you see how this is an awesome deal for both blogger and advertiser? If you were to go to Sponsored Reviews or ReviewMe for the same service, you would be facing a 50%-100% markup!

When you click on my PayPerPost Direct button on my sidebar, a popup window opens up and you and I can begin to discuss what you deem a fair price for a post here on my blog. That is a great feature to this new service - it is basically you and I here, on my site, working out a price together. So PayPerPost is enabling me to sell real estate here on my blog, while at the same time offering me the security of money in escrow already waiting to be paid to me at the completion of the post.

All in all, I am really excited about this new blog advertising service, and can't wait to see where it takes all of us! It really is an exciting time to be involved a part of the blogosphere!

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