Wednesday, May 30, 2007


My children are in another state, several states away - without me. All of them. All three of them.

It feels pretty strange. Shawn got me a little 'broken in' to such occurences, by going to Washington D.C. without me. It still feels really strange.

My mother was here all weekend - and we had a fun visit. I suppose it could have been more enjoyable, had my narsty migraine not visited at the same time! Dagnabbit! We did still have a good time, though. And I am glad that she got to finally see my home, my town, and all the cool stuff around here!

And then on Tuesday, she packed up and went home to Texas - with my children! Aggghhh! Stop that woman! She has my children!!

Ok, ok, I'm just kidding - that was actually part of the plan. She takes them back with her, and then Mark and I will join them on Friday.

It was so funny, because Monday night she took them with her to the hotel, right here in town - all of THREE MILES from my house - and that first night was the hardest. Hello? They are three miles away! What? Well, I guess it was because it was the beginning of their journey without me.

Patrick still had some laundry in our dryer, and Mark had planned on taking it to him that night at the hotel, and when he was ready to go - he asked me if I wanted to go with him. I jumped up like my chair was on fire!!! Ripped off my pajama pants, threw on my jeans - and said, "YES!!!"

So the two of us, silly saps that we are, went over to the hotel, and watched a movie with them. It was "When Mars Attacks". I love that movie. It's so 'B-Movie-ish', but, it is filled with awesome actors and actresses and it is so silly-funny!

Anyway, so my little monsters are away, and I'm feeling kind of like I don't have my shirt on or something. Not to be grody or anything, just like, that feeling of 'Wait a minute! This isn't right - something's not right!' You know?

I can tell you that I feel 1,000,000% better than when Shawn went to D.C., because they were with my mother, going to my brother, sister, and father - and going to spend the night with dear friends, whom I know love them very much and take very good care of them. Familiar - and safe - places. That D.C. thing liked to kill me! Whew! I still look at him and go, "Oh! You're home! My baby, my baby!"

I know - I'm a goofball - you don't have to tell me.

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