Thursday, March 15, 2007

I love this chihuahua!

Oh my goodness, you won't believe it - they've gone and changed my dog's name!! My chihuahua!

Ok, she's not really mine, or even my mother's - she's just fostering her. (Although I am 'secretly' hoping she will keep her...) Think I'd make a bad foster mommy? Heehee Five million dogs all crammed up in my house! LOL!!!

Anyhoo - they are now calling her 'Lucy' - which is equally as pretty as Tori or Olivia, or even ToriOlivia - and also, I think - equally as fitting for her.

She is getting so unbelievably cute, I can't even stand it! See - the funny thing here is I have been wanting a Chihuahua for about five years now. I never thought I would want a small, hyper dog like that, especially with my 100lb beast roaming around!

My mind was drastically changed, however, to fervently wanting one of the sweet little creatures that my husband refers to as rats! One of my girlfriends was going out of town and wanted me to keep her chihuahua for a week, which I nervously agreed to, being that Lucky was still a puppy and not extremely conscious of where he was jumping around when excited!

The first day or so, I kept a very close eye on the two dogs, being very careful to keep them pretty separate. I noticed, however, that Lucky really liked her. Her name was Chiquita. So I slowly, and under close supervision, tested the waters. It turned out that they were really fine together! And they really liked each other!

And she and I really liked each other!! She would get up in my lap while I was working at the computer, and crawl up in my tshirt and make a pouch for herself out of my shirt and snuggle in on my lap. It was pure Heaven. She was so sweet.

And ever since then, I have been hooked! And then, while I was actually in Dallas (what are the odds?) my mom picks up this little cutie: foster. And me, oh my, did she and I ever hit it off! Apparently, there is a girl at the office (my mom takes her to work every day) with whom she has bonded. Can you see the jealousy oozing out of my pores? It might be time for a Girl Fight Hahaha!

Really, though, I can't have her. I can't have her. So sad. Look at those eency weency little white feet....

Well, at least I know that there will be ZERO problem adopting her out. And that is always such a worry, when working with rescue dogs. Lucky is a rescue dog, and he was the laziest one at the entire SPCA - so Mark snatched him right up! LOL! He really is the coolest dog - I firmly believe that we were meant to have him and that he was meant to have us. Mark had talked about getting a dog when Patrick turned one. Well, we got Lucky when Patrick was ten, but, I think we were meant to wait that long. Sometimes the Universe has different plans for us than we think we have for ourselves.

And I'm sure the Universe has a wonderful plan for this little girl, as well. There are already quite a few people filling out applications because they have fallen in love with her.

The organization with which my mom volunteers, and through whom one would have to go to adopt sweet Lucy, is Paws in the City. They are in Dallas, Texas.


Elizabeth said...

Awww, look at the adorable dog!

latt├ęgirl said...

I am not a fan of small, hyper dogs, either, but that is one incredibly CUTE chihuahua.

Lisa said...

Isn't she just adorable? I am having so much fun having her here with me for a few days!!!

And it's just lovely when she calms down and curls up in your lap - a little, sweet bundle of lovey warmth!! ;)