Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cool new directory with extras! is a very cool new website directory with lots of cool extras that are both helpful and fun!

In the helpful department is the freeware software downloads - where you will find two very handy programs. One of them is a link popularity checker, in which you can check on an unlimited number of sites at the same time. The other program is a password saver - if you are doing any type of business, marketing, revenue-generating online, I know you have a lot of passwords to remember just like I do. And that can get mighty confusing!

Also in this section are eleven FREE downloadable business marketing ebooks. There are some really great titles in there, and I'm sure a lot to be learned from them! The one that jumps out at me, the first one that I will download, is "Zen and The Art of Advertising". Sounds like a good read to me!

The other really neat section of this new directory, the fun one, is the Webcams! I, personally, have to be careful in this section! I love webcams and I could spend all day in there! They have over 700 webcams! I've already spent too much time watching some elephants - I love elephants!

All in all, this is a great new site, and one that I think I will be visiting a lot!

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