Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Alabama Idol

It was great, just great! There was a live band, and these FABULOSO singers and it was so awesome!!

It happened last night in our teeny tiny Alabama town and the crowd was amazed, impressed, and mesmerized!

And all of the performers were children! Yes, children! And yet, they were AWESOME!

Heehee - it might just be that some of those children were my children! Yep - it was our elementary school's Spring Show - the sixth grade band and the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade choir! And they really were very good!

I am simply amazed at how much the sixth graders progress - from the first time they pick up their instruments in around October up to spring - you just wouldn't believe it!

Shawn is doing awesome - and Patrick had the same magical transformation last year. These kids just blow me away!

And then, my little sweetpea, singing in the choir - she's such a cutie! She is always singing! And her brothers are usually yelling at her for it! They'll regret that one day - when she's a millionaire songstress and they need a loan! LOL!!

This was my favorite choir performance so far! I meant to email the teacher and let her know that and I forgot, I've got to remember to do that! We have seen them perform at the college, at the town square, and a couple of times at the high school. Last night, however, they performed at their own school, in the gym. And the sound in there was perfect - you could really hear the kids singing and really see just how hard they have been working, too!

It was truly awesome - a magical night! We took pics - I'll get them posted later - I let Mark take over the camera, I hope he got some good ones!

(Patrick's Spring Show is in a week or so....)

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