Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Credit card intelligence

I would most certainly gather some credit card intelligence before ever attempting to purchase anything on credit again. My husband and I are just not so good with credit cards. We managed to make a mess of our finances rather quickly upon receiving our first credit card. It just wasn't pretty.

So I think a good credit card education is in store for us. There are all sorts of things to learn about how to properly handle yourself when operating on credit cards.

We wouldn't need to learn about balance transfers, because we would be starting all over fresh - if that ever happens, that is.

A good place to start, though, would be to compare credit cards, not just jump on the first offer that pops up in the mailbox!

A 0% credit card sure sounds nice! I'm not sure how long that introductory period of 0% lasts, but, 0% sounds really great! At least, you would have time to maybe pay off your purchases before any interest starts accruing.

Well, at any rate, we would have to not only investigate, but, also think long and hard before getting credit cards again!

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