Thursday, March 15, 2007

A good cell phone plan

We finally figured it out - our cell phone plan! It's funny, it's almost like going to the doctor and getting on a new medication and having to figure out the dosage, and which combination of medicine, that will work best for you! LOL!

Seriously, though - it is! We have been 'adjusting our phone meds' for over two years now and I think we finally worked out a perfect combination. We tried just having two phones and cutting off the land line, staying on the same Nextel plan that we had. YIKES!! Mark's bill was still fine, but, mine went through the roof! It was awful! So then we went back to having a landline for a while and Patrick got a phone for Christmas, that was just added onto our plan. That worked okay for a while, but, then we moved out here to Alabama, and we had the three phones and a landline. And the landline was just too much money for the little amount that we used it, especially after moving a family of five across the country - that can get a little expensive! So we cut off the landline. Mark's and Patrick's bills stayed around the same, but, mine went through the roof again! So Mark went to the Nextel store, and re-worked our plan again. He added enough minutes onto mine and Patrick's phones that we share that they weren't too expensive, and yet, gave us enough talk-time so the bill didn't skyrocket again. I think we have finally worked out an arrangement that will work for us.

When we were moving out here, my sister-in-law back in Dallas, wanted us to switch to her carrier, I think it was T-Mobile - because then we could talk to each other for free. We have been with Nextel so long, though, that Mark didn't want to switch.

All of this phone-working-out business can sure get complicated! I love to look at online comparison charts, though, to help you really see the benefits of each plan - it can really help you decide!

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