Thursday, March 15, 2007

Migraine migraine leave me alone

Oh man! I've got a doozy of a migraine tonight! I sat down with a fresh pot of coffee, ready to blog my little heart out - and my head decided that I was just going to get a few posts in. I visited some really neat blogs tonight, that I wanted to comment on, too - but, I just couldn't do it - this post is probably gonna be blah-jibberish. I just wanted people to know if I visited you tonight and didn't comment - that's why!

Dang me! I haven't had one this bad in a while!

And what splendiforous timing - Sammie has a recorder concert tomorrow at noon. Yes, that's right recorders - whistly, shrill recorders. She said that the whole fourth grade is playing at one time - that is six classes of about 24 kids, all playing at once.

This headache is so bad, that I know it will at least still be here somewhat, if not worse, by noon tomorrow. And then after five million kids whistly whistling at me - oh my!

There is, of course, the little issue of getting a ride there - we are a one car family now, and Mark is working pretty far away tomorrow.

Hopefully I can get a ride, and hopefully, I don't need a ride to the ER when it's done.

I was all set to blog on all my blogs tonight, too - and go blog-visiting and commenting.

Doesn't life always seem to get in the way of your life? It does mine!

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