Friday, March 16, 2007

Sales can be hard

....but, insurance sales must be really hard! I know how people have an idea about the 'insurance guy' before he ever opens his mouth! And with spam and the Do Not Call list and the expense of Yellow Page ads, they must have to work extra hard! My high school sweetheart went into the insurance business right after we graduated and he is now in North Carolina in the same line of work. And I can tell you that he is a really great guy! Would he have been my high school sweetheart otherwise? I am sure, however, that people have a prejudice against him from the get-go, just because he is in insurance.

A great way for him to avoid getting the cold shoulder from prospects is to buy insurance leads. Contacting people who are already looking for insurance, and have already filled out questionnaires detailing what exactly they are looking for. There is a great company out there called that is offering a special promotion right now! Chris can get $200 worth of free leads! spends more than $900,000 a month marketing on the internet and finding leads for their various insurance agents. The leads fill out detailed questionnaires in order to match leads with agents in terms of territory and the type of insurance they are looking for and the phone numbers and emails are checked before the agent even receives them. Their website has a complete description of the process of working with their high quality insurance leads.

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