Friday, March 16, 2007

Migraine hangovers

I don't have a 'headache' so far today, but, I sure as heck have the migraine hangover!

I actually went back to bed after the kids left for school. (There's something so glorious about their taking the bus to school! heeeee) I slept until 11am!! And I didn't want to get up then! I knew if I didn't, though, that I would regret it. I would have way less time alone before the kids came home, of which I'd already lost quite a bit. And I might wake up really groggy if I slept anymore - and I could have trouble sleeping tonight. So I made myself get up - it was painful, though, let me tell you - I was uber comfortable in that bed!! (It's probably unbecoming for a 36 year old woman to say uber, but, you know what? I like it!)

I missed my daughter's recorder concert, but, she didn't seem upset by it at all. She said, "No, Mom, it's ok, I know you don't have a car." I probably would've gotten a ride, or just walked up there - heck, it's only a mile - if it hadn't been for the headache from hell!

The kids have, however, now arrived home from school and are quite noisy when they first get here, especially because next week is Spring Break and they are all excited about that! So there was screaming, screeching, fighting, and singing - and it was a bit too noisy for my hungover head. So the pain is trying to come back. Some days I wish I could trade heads with someone. Heck, John Travolta got to trade faces in Face Off.... heh.

You know what's really terrible, though? One of my daughter's friends gets migraines. She is in the sixth grade - UGH! That is so very not fair! I mean, I complain a lot about my migraines, but, no way should a kid have to go through this - no way! She got one last weekend when we took her with us to my brother-in-law's house. I could see the progression of it in her actions and in her face. It was eerily familiar - especially being on a sweet child's face. We were 20 miles away from home, and I knew 20 miles in the car was the last thing she needed!! So I put her to bed in my BIL's bed, and let her sleep it off for a while before I dared to put her in the car!

A few years ago, I was scheduled to have hernia surgery, and it got canceled because the doctor had an emergency surgery. I always get my migraines when I have surgery because of the stupid (I know, it's necessary) 'no eating, no medication, no coffee' prep. So I had to ride home just about 20 miles, and it was not pretty! My mother had to pull over three times for me to vomit on the side of the road! In the middle of the day, in the middle of the week, on major freeways in Dallas - so not pretty! So yeah, the car is the last place to put me when I'm in the throes of the monstrous menace that is in my head!

Oh, speaking of my mom, she sent me these cool things for Christmas for my headaches. And actually, they really are cool - they are cooling migraine pads. Quite a funny, but, oh so perfect Christmas present! And I guess I've been quite lucky, because I haven't had to use one yet, and dang! This is already March - that's pretty dang good! My head's been nice to me lately! Anyway, I used one last night and it made a BIG DIFFERENCE! So, Mother, if you're reading - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

She sent me four boxes of those things - the kids and I were laughing so hard - they were in my stocking, but, I was so excited to get them!!

That's not a sign of getting old, is it?



Amy said...

I know the migraine hangover... so well!! It sucks. Take it easy today.

Lisa said...

Thanks, Amy!! :)