Friday, March 18, 2011

Science Is Really So Cool

This is such a cool little movie about cool science facts that I had to share it with you! It's called "The Wonders of Science" and it was created by Mariela Kleiner, the author of a wonderful new book I'll tell you all about after the movie!

The book is called Meet Einsteinand it looks absolutely fabulous! Here is the description from Amazon:
Meet Einstein. He is a scientist who loves to study light and gravity. Einstein helps to introduce your kids to science, and show them that they are already great scientists!
Light and gravity are concepts that preschoolers are ready to learn. Help them make the connections in everything they see and do, and teach them that science is all around them.

They also have a great website set up to go along with the book with lots of cool things for you to dig into! You can read about the author and the illustrator. You can follow 'Meet Einsteen' on Facebook and Twitter. And there are some fun PDF activity sheets available, too! Check 'em out!


Debbie Fraser said...

Sounds interesting. I’ll try checking this one out some time. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Marie Mary said...

You're welcome! :)