Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pens And Pencils For My Sites

For some odd reason, I have a strange obsession with promotional products. I just love them. And not only just for me - or my sites - or my business. I like picking up pens, magnets and whatever from the pharmacy, the doctor's office, etc. Or even better yet, at industry conferences. You can get some really cool stuff there!

I used to go to a lot of PTA functions and even went to a 3-day seminar for PTA once and we would get all kinds of cool stuff. And being the president of the PTA, I got all kinds of catalogs from promotional materials companies. I used to love looking through those! (Maybe I'm in the wrong line of work....? ha!)

Now instead of catalogs, I just look online - and I can spend eons of time on sites that sell promo stuff. Today I'm looking at Amsterdam printing and I could really, really get lost on that site! They have just about every promo item under the sun!

I really haven't had a whole lot of my own promo items. I am drinking my coffee out of my Hippie Spelunker cup and I do absolutely love it! But - there is only one of them and it was really from CafePress, which isn't totally promo stuff. I mean, you can do promo things there for your business, but, you can also just do fun, whatever stuff. Like maybe you want to make all kinds of elephant picture t-shirts and sell them. I meant to start a My Very Own Mail section in my seller account there, so people could buy 'Bookworm Gear', but, I just haven't done it yet.

And one time I bought My Very Own Mail pens. They were so darn cute! And they went really fast, too! I would love to have some more, definitely!

At the Amsterdam site, you can get pens with any engraving you want on them. And they have seventy gabillion pens from which to pick! There are some really cool ones in there, too.

They also have personalized pencils there. Oddly, I had never even thought of that. Though, for My Very Own Mail, that would actually rock! I could hand them out to school kids, you know? That's a really good idea! I'm glad I saw that section on there. I'm going to definitely keep that in mind.

I would really like to get some Hippie Spelunker stuff, too, though. I kind of see Hippie Spelunker as my 'home' online, even though My Very Own Mail came first. I guess I could get Hippie Spelunker pens and My Very Own Mail pencils. That would be cool.

Do you have promo materials for your sites/businesses?

Have a super groovylicious day!
Lisa Marie Mary

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