Friday, November 05, 2010

Mosaic Tiles

I've always loved the artwork that people create in their homes using mosaic tiles. I just have always loved that look and think it is so gorgeous!

We decided, at one point, to do the kids bathroom with fish-themed decorating. And it was all really colorful. Not like when people do nautical themes, but, more along the lines of Nemo-colorful, you know?

Mark - my contractor husband - told me at that time, that I should change out the bathroom tiles to mosaic tiles. He thought that I would be perfectly capable of doing so and that it would turn out great. I did not agree in regards to my skill set and never tried it. One day I'll try it on something, though, maybe on a smaller scale to start out with. And I'm sure it will be abstract. He thought I could make cute little fish! That crazy man.

I know exactly what would have happened - I would have started and he would come in there correcting me and eventually just taking over. Hmm...that is one way to get him to do what you want, now, isn't it? Ha!

For our fishy bathroom, though, it would be really cute if he would put up some subway tiles in a few shades of blue. I think that would look great! He could put some really pretty bright blue on the bottom half and then a lighter shade of blue for the top half. That would look cool!

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