Friday, November 05, 2010

First Camping Trip With My Son

Post contributed by Martha Case
The week my son turned four years old, I took him camping for the first time. I don't think he even knew what camping was at the time, but I could tell he was very excited to go when I told him about it. First we went to the store to go pick out some supplies to use. My son is admittedly pretty smart for his age, and he actually caught on pretty quick. He was helping me choose items to bring with us, and while some of them seemed kind of random, he did a decent job for the most part.

So after we got all of our supplies we headed home to get them all organized and packed up. We made sure the cats had plenty of food to last them through the weekend, I set the SecurityChoice home security alarm, and we were off to our camping trip.

I took him to a local camping grounds that was actually only a few minutes from home. It is a beautiful park with trails that go back into a thick forest, a pond where you can fish at, picnic areas with BBQ pits, and a recreation center. We stayed there all weekend and had a blast. I taught him to fish and we saw a lot of cool wildlife back in the forest trails too.

That sounds totally awesome - love it! :)


Anne@stop crying said...

Camping is one of the best bonding time for families. It strengthens the love and cooperation among family members. ANyway, belated Happy Birthday to you son.

Tini @ SEO Blog said...

I haven't been camping for quite a while, and I have to say that it would be nice to have that breath of fresh air.

cockatiel cages said...

Camping refreshes the mind and it is nice as through it we spend some good healthy time with our family members.