Sunday, September 05, 2010

Start to type....stop. Start to type....stop.

I really need to do some writing this afternoon and it is just not coming out. I'm (as the title says) starting to type...and then stopping. Like, repeatedly. Questioning every sentence. Questioning every word. So I thought I'd come over here and just let things fly out of my fingertips. Just fly - freely....

I figured you guys wouldn't mind. So this free form writing, rambling, if you will - is so nice. So freeing. Like flying in the sky like I'm a little bird. You know, I always dream about flying - always.

In the dreams, I can jump really high and then fly if I want to or just jump like crazy. It's so awesome. I freaking love those dreams. Cannot get enough of them. When I wake up from them, I try to go back to sleep, if I have time - just to experience them some more.

But, anyhoo - wouldn't it be great if writing that we 'need to do' flowed as freely as just running our mouths? Heaven. It would just be Heaven. I'd probably be rich. Or at least a lot better off than I am right now. Contributing significantly more to the household income - fo sho!

But damn, my brain gets in the way when I'm writing for someone else. Constantly second-guessing, constantly critiquing. It's nauseating. So then I just give up. And the project runs over, over, over - and the client, I'm sure, is cussing me and wondering where in the holy hell their damn project is - or if it's ever even coming.

Totally need to write every day. Every single damn day. Get myself more in the habit of seeing MY words on the screen. I think that's definitely what needs to happen. And lord knows I've got all these blogger blogs on which to do just that. There's something to me about not being 'just quite right' on domains I own, much less client work.

Nutty, I know, but constant writing should get me past that. Right?

Ok, take seven.....

P.S. Thanks for listening, guys.

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