Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Now I Need to Shop for Father's Day

This time of the year feels like a long, drawn-out Christmas or something - we have so many gift-buying occasions in this family from April through July - it's not even funny! Right now my focus is on Father's Day and what to get for my father and my husband. I had decided on a box of brownies for my father, from this wonderful company in Huntsville, AL - since that's what I got my mom. And the kids and I had decided on this cool thermometer for the grill for Mark. And then the kids changed their mind on the thermometer, and just today I'm thinking maybe I'll do something different for my dad. Heh. I guess we gotta make things difficult! ;)

And I'm getting all of these emails - No Shipping for Father's Day, 20% Off for Father's Day, etc, etc... I was thinking, however, that I might look at clothing stores. I don't know - Mark and my dad are probably two of the, no - they definitely are - the hardest people for me to shop for. Actually, I think my dad has gotten a lot easier - hmm, that's weird - but, Mark is still a tough one.

There is a very helpful guide for buying men's clothing online at ShopWiki. It's almost like taking a guy with you into a store to help you pick something out for another guy. And it's all divided up by categories, with a little helpful tidbit about each category underneath it, like this one:
Sunglasses can make you look really cool, or really dorky.

Haha! I love that - that they're not all stuffy. It really does make it seem like someone is there helping you shop!

Mark is completely obsessed with watches right now, more specifically, watches that wind themselves. That might definitely be an option - although, I might be nervous picking one out, because, he is so picky. See? There's that 'hard to shop for' thing, rearing its ugly head, gnashing its terrible teeth! I am sure, though, that if it was a gift from the kids and myself, he would love it, even if he does like to pick out his own watches.

My dad used to love these pageboy hats, and I always thought he looked so good in them. I wonder if he'd be interested in them again. I am having trouble finding any brown ones, though, and I know that would be the color he'd want - anywhere from brown to tan, probably.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do for either of them...it's kind of fun shopping for them, though. Hey - how'd that happen? LOL Maybe it's all the funny commentary on the ShopWiki site. Anyway, I'm not quite decided yet, and I'm not exactly sure how much I'm going to have to spend. So I'll just keep looking around. There's so much information on ShopWiki that I could look for days and not see it all.

If you're searching for Father's Day gifts, too - good luck with your search! Onward! Shop!

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