Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Summer's here! Yea!

Summer is finally here! I'm so excited - I love summer! Even though I totally, completely bitch about the heat - I just love it! And even though I totally, completely bitch about the kids being underfoot, I love having them here!

We got off to a bit of a rocky start, with the boys fighting like mad the first 'official' day of summer - last Friday. And they were both, of course, mad at me all day - because, I never handle their fighting and whining and complaining to their liking. Well, guess what? TOO BAD! Ha! How's that? I'm so sick of their being mortal enemies. I actually had the thought the other day that it would be cool to send them to a Outward Bound type of thing, so they could LEARN to rely on each other - maybe even experience a few dangerous moments, and realize how much they each mean to each other. Maybe if your brother is about to fall off a cliff - just maybe - you might realize you love him! Gah!!

Well, then we had a nice enough weekend together. We went to Music at McClellan on Saturday night to help the boys earn money for their band expenses. That's a really fun event, and even though the kids are working their butts off - they have a blast! So that was cool.

On Sunday, we hung out together, playing games and such, then went to the park, and then went out to dinner. When we came home from dinner and got out of the car - I heard THEM! Woohoo! "Sammie! Listen!!!" I was so excited - it was my first time this year hearing them - the 'summer bugs'!! Locusts, crickets, tree frogs - whatever else is up there in those HUGE trees around our house. Love, love, love that sound.

Yesterday was kinda rotten, as I was feeling horrible - woke up with a TERRIBLE crick in my neck, shoulder, AND back - it hurt so badly! And my tummy was acting up, to boot! So yesterday was a bummer.

Then today, I woke up feeling the pain in my shoulder again - totally bummed, because, I'd thought it was getting so much better. I took some medicine for it and got to work, going through emails, taking care of blogs, etc. And then suddenly, an hour ago - I realized - it's gone. The pain is gone. Woohoo! It's not completely gone - but, enough to make me feel normal - and for me to skip around (figuratively - don't wanna set the migraine off...) happily celebrating, "It's summer, it's summer - the kids are home!"

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