Tuesday, June 03, 2008

27,000 Dead Cats and Dogs Every Year!

*UPDATE* Holy crap, people! That number - 27,000 - is only the CITY of Dallas! In the whole Dallas Metroplex, the number is actually 100,000!!!! Dammit - that made me cry just TYPING it out!!!!! /*UPDATE*

That is how many dogs and cats are euthanized in the Dallas area alone each year, due to pet overpopulation! Oh my gawd, people - that is too, too many! That is so horrible! I know that one year The Dallas Morning News did a feature (a multiple-page feature) on the pet overpopulation problem in the Dallas area and it was so very sad. Many of the people who work in the area shelters were interviewed and they talked about trash bag after trash bag after trash bag of animal carcasses that they constantly dealt with - a sobering piece, for sure!

Dallas Animal Advocates, a joint initiative between Companions for Life and Metroplex Animal Coalition, are a group of volunteers working tirelessly to make changes for our beloved furry family members in the Dallas area.

One of the things they are working on right now is getting a petition filled up with lots and lots of signatures, in an effort to encourage the Dallas City Council to approve the Animal Shelter Commission's proposed mandatory spay/neuter - breeder registration ordinance. I'm gonna sign it (as soon as I figure out my care2 password), and I'm in Alabama (though I'm from Dallas) and I've seen plenty of other states represented on the petition. There is even a signature from Canada.

So I would love it if you would go and sign the petition, too! Just go here: Dallas City Spay/Neuter Ordinance to sign the petition - pretty please!! And send your family and friends there, too! Let's help stop the needless killing of these precious animals!


Polina said...

The numbers are frightening... I have a cat at home and he is actually our family member, I can't imagine living without him... I don't understand people who get rid of animals...

Lisa said...

I know, it's just completely awful, those numbers!!!

drmercola said...

That's so sad... So think long nad hard before getting a pet!