Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Ugliest Mailbox in Town

I really did think we had the ugliest mailbox in town. I'm serious - this thing is bad. Our house was built in 1961, and I'm telling you, this has to be the original mailbox! It is pitiful - utterly pitiful. Someone has rigged it up with a steel pole next to the original pole, to strengthen its rusty self. The two poles are tied together with some metal wire. And then, I just noticed recently that part of it is actually held together with twist ties! Twist ties! You know, the kind that come on your bread bags! And God bless him, but, the name on the side of the mailbox - he's been passed away for EIGHT YEARS! Crazy, huh?

So I'm always making fun of and joking around about our mailbox, positive that we must have the ugliest mailbox in town. The other day, however, we were driving around town - and my daughter yells out from the backseat, "Look, Mom! Their mailbox is uglier than ours!" And I excitedly replied, "Well, look at that - it sure is! Ha! What do you know about that?" Haha! And since then I've seen a few more super ugly mailboxes.

I came up with a great plan to start photographing all of the ugliest, most rickety mailboxes we come across. Well, now - wouldn't that be a collection? I've really no idea what I'd do with such a collection, but, it sounded like a good idea... uh... yeah.

As you can imagine, then, my eyes are always peeled for the perfect mail box. There was a time I really liked the plastic ones - the ones that sort of resembled the children's backyard play structures. A lot of them were actually made by the same company. I can't remember the name of it now. I've grown weary of that style, though. I'm not really sure exactly what kind I want.

My uncle had an awesome one once, years ago, that was an exact replica of his house. That thing was so cool! He had to replace it rather quickly - I can't remember if kids kept messing with it, or if it was just too fragile. The thing was amazing, though! I wish I had a picture of it - I guess I could ask my cousins if they do.

The only thing that I'm sure about is that I want a mailbox that is rather large - on the inside. I get so sick of things being curled up and smashed to fit in my mailbox! That drives me crazy! I don't want it to be so huge that it looks like a commercial mailbox, though - that would be really ugly.

The real bummer of the deal is that my husband is not at all concerned with this issue - while it's been on my mind for quite some time. It's just a total non-issue for him. I hope that changes before too long. I'd love to have an adorable, aesthetically-pleasing mailbox out front, in which I could maybe plant some flowers. Have you seen those kind? They are so cool!


Salman said...

they really are

I mean I never imagined I would find a website which would be selling mail boxes :D

it does has a great collection

specially the typical Post Mount Mailboxes traditional mail box with awesome new designs..

thanks for the link dear

roselynmendoza said...

I'd love to have a unique mailbox. But commercially-made mailboxes are hard to find where I live. Maybe some companies could use mailboxes as a medium of advertising. Put a picture of their products on the face of waterproof mailboxes and give them away as gifts. These should be easily installed, of course :D