Friday, January 04, 2008

Hippie Spelunker - H2 - have you been?

Well, have you? Have you? Have you been to the new and improved version - Hippie Spelunker - H2? That's my new, super duper, self-hosted version - check it out!

Although a big part of me dearly loves it over here at Blogger, I had originally intended to get the new one up and running, and move away from Blogger completely.

And then I decided to stay here, too.

And then I decided to just import to over there and say goodbye to Blogger.

And then I decided to stay.

And as it stands now, I'm totally confused. Ha! So visit me in both places, ok?

At least 'til I get my head on straight, anyway...

What? You think that's not gonna happen?! You've been waiting for that for a long time?!

Well - hrmph! Angry 3

I see how you are - I see how you wanna be - that's just fine!

You better just read both places, you hear me?! Threatening
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