Friday, January 04, 2008

Hippie Spelunker - H2 - have you been?

Well, have you? Have you? Have you been to the new and improved version - Hippie Spelunker - H2? That's my new, super duper, self-hosted version - check it out!

Although a big part of me dearly loves it over here at Blogger, I had originally intended to get the new one up and running, and move away from Blogger completely.

And then I decided to stay here, too.

And then I decided to just import to over there and say goodbye to Blogger.

And then I decided to stay.

And as it stands now, I'm totally confused. Ha! So visit me in both places, ok?

At least 'til I get my head on straight, anyway...

What? You think that's not gonna happen?! You've been waiting for that for a long time?!

Well - hrmph! Angry 3

I see how you are - I see how you wanna be - that's just fine!

You better just read both places, you hear me?! Threatening


Laura said...

I'm exactly in the same situation. First I decided to get rid of soleflor-en.blogspot and export everything to the new domain, but then advertisers started asking for ads on the blogspot one so I postponed the change to January 1st. Now, its January 5th and I still keep both blogs. I thought it would be easier...

Fireflower said...

Don't you go looking at me! I've had both of the sites linked off my main blog for, like, forever! Not that's it's likely to do you much good, but hey a link's a link.

Lisa said...

Laura - I know, exactly the same boat! It's tricky, for sure! I guess we'll figure it out one of these days! LOL!

fireflower - I know, you're so sweet! I really appreciate that!! :)

Lynne said...

Should I stay, should I go? Should I stay, should I go? I'm soooo confused! :-D

Lisa said...

You think you're confused! Ha! ;)