Friday, January 04, 2008

How cute are your tax deductions?

Are your tax deductions this cute?

If they are, and they were born in December 2007, you better head on over to the Turbo Tax contest website! They are holding a America's Cutest Last Minute Tax Deduction contest!

The winning adorable 'tax deduction' will receive a $5,000 United States savings bond, which will be up to $10,000 upon maturity! Wow! That's awesome!

You better get over there fast, though, because, the contest ends January 9!!

Go! Go now!


Star @ Destroy Debt Blogs said...

That shirt is HILARIOUS. I'll be sure to enter my last minute tax deduction.

Lisa said...

I know, isn't it?? Haha! So you have a brand new little monster? How exciting!!!

Parenting Judy said...

Did you printed that shirt yourself? Or where did you get it? I really like it....

Lisa said...

Nope - that's not even my child - he was just one of the contestants! And he won, too!! Check him out:

Pretty cool, huh?