Thursday, January 10, 2008

Flip That Lens on Squidoo

Do you Squidoo? I sure do - and I love it! And the rockin' chick who got me into it is a very cool marketer named Tiffany Dow. She wrote this really awesome ebook all about Squidoo, which teaches people all about how to make the most of Squidoo and how to be a valuable member of the community over there. That book is called, Social Networking on Squidoo. And with that book, I was hooked! Completely hooked!

Now, however, she's written another book about Squidoo. This time she is teaching us how to build great Squidoo lenses and sell them, or rather, flip them. Hence the name of the book, Flip That Lens. I am so excited about this new book! Tiffany has had great success flipping lenses - her teenage son has even flipped a few!

The really cool thing about Tiffany's ebooks is that she is such a great teacher. She really takes you through step-by-step what exactly you need to do. So often, I am reading an ebook and I get to a point where I don't know how to do something that the author is talking about and they are not explaining that crucial step. That totally does not happen with Tiffany - she never leaves you hanging. I just love the way she teaches!

Go check it out - you'll see what I'm talking about: Flip That Lens


Dorothy said...

I'll check her out..thanks for the tip..My best..

Dorothy from grammology
remember to call gram

Best pet classifieds said...

I tried to make a lens, but I got confused and lost, so I just haven't been back. I will check out her e-books and maybe she can help me make heads or tails of Squidoo.

Lisa said...

You're welcome, Dorothy!

best pet - You really should check it out! It would be great to market your site there!

energy shot said...

i always thot that those squidoo lenses were overrated... but now that everyone is and has been talking about them, i think ive been mistaken o_o