Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pack up your stuff, guys - it's moving day!

Ok, my sweet Hippie Spelunker readers - this is it! I've made my decision! We're moving out! The time has come - it is bittersweet, indeed, but, it's time to face the facts. Free blogs will only get you so far. I hung on extra long, because, I do love blogger. (Even if the meanie Goog does own them now. Heh.)

I'm working on things today and I'm not entirely sure it will be done today, but, it is definitely in the works. And I don't know if when I import to WP - if everything disappears. I've done a blogger to WP import one other time, but, the blog was only about a week old. And it was several years ago. So I'm not even sure how this is all going to happen.

And I think I can maybe set up some kind of redirect for a while - I need to ask my friend, Cass, about that. I know she knows about those things.

I'm going to be super nice and make this super easy on you, because, I'm super cool like that. I'm going to make 'moving into our new house' so simple for you!

Here is the button you use if you want to move into Hippie Spelunker - H2 via feed reader:
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Or, if you would rather move into our new digs via email, just enter your email address here:

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Like I said, I'll try to get that redirect thing going, so I catch those of you who get this message late. Thinking out loud - 'Will they even get this message if they get here late? Things that make you say ... "Hmm..."' I have no idea what's going to happen once I hit that import button.

I'm excited, but nervous and sad, too. Ya'll wish me luck!! Eeeks!


Karen said...


Retta said...

Bye bye blogger!!! I love that you're consolidating and building an empire all at the same time ;)

Lisa said...

Thanks, Karen! :)

Retta - Thank you, my sweet friend! 'Building my empire' - I like the sound of that! ;)

Deb said...

ok, better late than never...made the switch in my feed reader!