Saturday, December 15, 2007

The ruckus downstairs

Oh my goodness - is it ever loud in our basement! We've got a couple of extra kids tonight and the whole crew of them are downstairs doing gosh knows what, but, it sure is loud! We do have several gaming systems down there...and it gets really loud when they play Dance Dance Revolution, that is for sure. It doesn't sound like that is what they are up to right now, though. Who knows - they could be killing each other on some other lovely video game...ugh! We have so much equipment down there, including two different TV's, that some HDMI splitters could probably really help us out, to keep everything organized. It's strange how we went from a family with no gaming consoles to a family with too many! Thank goodness our kids are all still major bookworms, or we'd really have to rethink this whole setup!

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