Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pour on the caffeine!

My mom and I both are so addicted to coffee, and buying mochas and espressos at that starry place! ;) We both keep attempting to cut down, but, it is so hard! I know we'd both just love to have our own espresso machines! Even though we wouldn't really be cutting back on the caffeine, at least we could cut down on the cost! And you know, owning our own might just make us cut back our consumption, too. I had a friend growing up who always had all the best junk at her house. I'm talking candy, chips, Strawberry Quik, biscuits, all the sugary cereals, soda - you name it, they usually had it! And you know what? She could totally take or leave all that stuff. I, on the other hand, went into sugarphoria every time I walked into her house! Haha! So maybe having something around all the time helps you not need/want it so much. Who knows - with my darn luck, I'd drink way more caffeine! Sheesh!

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