Friday, December 14, 2007

Prometa - interesting and controversial

There is a new triple cocktail of pharmaceuticals that doctors are giving to alcoholics and drug addicts to sober them up for good. Huh. I'm pretty much totally not convinced. There is an article, however, about a man who was in and out of drug rehab and just was not getting off of the meth and 'doing his life'. He goes in for these drugs and now he's living life on life's terms, he says. There are three drugs in the cocktail, and the addicts go in for three days in a row to get them administered. One doctor even said that the patients come in agitated and irritable, and get up twenty minutes later just feeling great. I must remain skeptical about this one.

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Dorothy said...

I hope it comes to the states. This could be a blessing. However, I do worry about side effect. Although when I think of alcoholics or drug addicted people..What kind of life do they have anyway? They may be satisfied to have any kind of normal life again. I can't give up food, I wonder if the cocktail would help me in that area?

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