Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lucy sent us a Christmas card

I know you guys remember my talking about Lucy, my sweet little Chihuahua sister. She lives in Dallas, with my mom. Duh. Otherwise, why would I have a Chihuahua for a sister?! Haha! Isn't she pretty, though?
Well, the little darling has gone and sent us a Christmas card. I know, for a fact, that this will thrill my big, tough redneck man. He loves little dogs. Loves them.

I am, as well, duly thrilled. The darn card is so cute, I can't even stand it! How lucky for Lucy (sounds like a song, eh?) that she was able to find a festive holiday card with none other than a Chihuahua on the front! cool is that? And it is just a painting, no Chihuahua's necks were put under undue strain for our holiday enjoyment!

I just think it was terribly thoughtful of Lucy (and Momma) to send us a card.

I need to buy gifts for them - I wonder, if I got Momma a wine of the month club membership, do you think I should get Lucy a 'kibble of the month' club membership? ;)

I'm gonna have to Skype my momma so I can video chat with my sweet "Lucita"!

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