Monday, July 16, 2007

Lucy in the Alabama clover

Remember this sweet little girl I told you about before? Well, she and my momma came to visit us in May! Lucy had a great time while she was here - she was just loved all UP by myself and the kids! (No, not Mark. He doesn't do the small dog thing. Whatev.)

The day before they left to go back home to Texas, taking my three children with them, Lucy was playing in the clover at my house. Doesn't she look pretty?

She is so precious!! I know you all love her just as much as I do! Winking 5 Well, anyway - this picture was taken probably right before the poor little thing jumped up in the air like a crazy little Chihuahua! Oh yes, she is a Chihuahua! So, my mom just got in the van with her and went off with Mark and the boys for some sightseeing. I get a call a short bit later, though. Something is wrong. Lucy is acting funny and they are bringing her home. She was crying the whole time in the car.

They bring her home and the poor baby has a stinger in her foot! You know how the bees love that clover! And that crazy jump? Well, yeah, that was probably the moment of deadly impact. (Ok, ok, just for the bee - but, didn't it sound good and dramatic?)

Anyway, we got the stinger out and Mom left Lucy home with Sammie and I so we could nursemaid her while they went on with their sightseeing. Lucy was sad and a bit whiny the rest of the day, but, by that night - she was totally fine!

Thank goodness - I was so worried about her because she's so darn small! But she's a little toughie, that one!

I miss her little ornery self!

P.S. When she's good and ornery - we call her 'Lucifer'! Hysterical

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