Saturday, July 14, 2007

We would love to buy a home

Mark and I have been together for fifteen years and we have been renting for fifteen years! Do you know how much money that is that was just basically flushed?! We were, of course, young and just starting out when we got together. So it made sense that we were renting back then. And just about the time we were getting more financially stable, credit card offers came in the mail! One right after the other! And - you guessed it! We wound up in a heap of trouble! Well, we are almost out from under all of that mess, and thinking about buying again.

But all of the millions of details that go into lending and mortgages can really get confusing! But, there is a wealth of information to help us out at America's Lending Partners. And they have two main mortgage and lending services that they offer.

If you choose to use the 4 Loan Offers service, you will submit your information one time and then you will be contacted by four different lenders, and deal directly with them.

Or, if you choose to use their new Mortgage Planning service, America's Lending Partners will do all of the work for you. Your Mortgage Planner will conduct a personal consultation with you, offering their guidance and expert advice. And with this service, they will do all of the negotiating with the lenders for you. has been such an informative website for me this afternoon - I've learned so much! Their help center is packed with information - a mortgage library, articles, and even several mortgage calculators. Their site has been very helpful for me!

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