Friday, March 02, 2007

The little girl haunting me...

Well, I'm back from Texas and from two funerals - uh. There is so much blog fodder welling up inside of me from this experience and I hope I don't lose touch with any of it before I get a chance to share it with you, but, first...

....a precious little girl whom I met on the trip who is haunting me, tying up my thoughts, tugging at my heart...

I am calling her, 'Tori-Olivia' because out of all of the names people have offered up for her, those are my two favorite - and I like the way they sound together.

She is a sweet, precious rescue dog that my mother is fostering. (Crap - I'm crying again...danggit)

She is a four-week old Chihuahua weighing in at ONE POUND!! She was neglected and abused, and luckily fell into the hands of an agency with which my mother volunteers.

Thank the Heavens above, my mother answered the call first, out of all the volunteers who scrambled to get their hands on this precious girl - and she and I took a drive across town to go pick her up from the veterinary clinic where she was being taken care of.

I think I'll have to save any more I planned on telling you for later, my heart is getting too choked up - which means my heart is hurting and I am getting choked up - see?

How could something that weighs one pound make me ache so badly?
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