Friday, March 02, 2007

Ut-oh - better pay that power bill!

I was sitting here this morning trying to catch up on emails and such after being gone for four days, when I notice a truck has stopped outside my house.

Ah, man - what now? I certainly wasn't expecting anyone for tea, and it wasn't an inlaw, so it more than likely couldn't have been good news. Hey - that's funny - I just lumped in-laws with good news - that's pretty cool, huh?

Ok, so anyway, I had noticed this guy slowing down cautiously, and then when he got out of his truck, he was looking around for the house marker, trying to make sure he's in the right spot. He seemed to have trouble finding it - maybe we need a new one...hmm...

Or maybe not. heehee - He was from the power company - here to collect a bill. Well, you know what, though? Thank goodness they at least do that prior to just cutting you off! I hate it when that happens!

When that happens, hubby gets a call from one hysterical housewife - "Didn't you pay the power bill?!" Eeeks!

Well, so I called hubby and he said to write him a check, which I did, and he politely and sweetly went on his way, I'm sure to 'bother' some other unsuspecting housewife. LOL!

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