Friday, March 02, 2007

"I'll never paint again."

I've heard these words from my husband many times over, as he really has gotten to despise painting.

So much of his residential remodeling business used to be Painting Business, and I guess he just gets so sick of it sometimes. And there are long periods of time when he does exactly that - not paint.

But then, one fine morning, I'll have his morning coffee ready for him, and he will emerge from the bedroom with his white painter's clothes on. I try really hard not to say anything - like, say ...'I told you you'd paint again!' or something equally snarky!

HAHA! ...because I suppose I should just be glad he is going to work, and getting paid.

And you know, he does a damn fine job painting! I hear all about it from people - "Oh, Mark did such a good job on my house - my living room looks fabulous!" ....or - "Mark had the best idea for my bedroom walls - I never would have thought of it, and it looks so wonderful!" Ad infinitum.

I can say it has been, at this time, quite a while since I've seen the 'painter's white's' in the laundry, but, you can never tell....
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