Friday, March 02, 2007

Keeping track of my small business

I really need to keep better track of my personalized letters for kids business,, and all of the other things that I do online to generate income for our family.

It is hard to stay on top of things, though. But the really dumb part, is that last year, when I ordered my business cards, I was sent free Financial Reporting Software, and I have yet to use it.

It is specifically for new businesses, and comes with all sorts of advice and how-to's, as well.

I just have so much fun 'operating' my business, and doing my online work, and I just don't want to face the nitty gritty of getting the books right.

I am going to have to get into the swing of things by next year, though - because this will be the first year that I actually generate enough to need to pay taxes. So next April is already weighing heavily on my mind. LOL!

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