Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I miss my My Very Own Mail pens

A few years ago, I had bought some promotional pens for My Very Own Mail, my personalized letters for kids business.

They were so cute! And they were one of those kinds of pens that everyone likes - you know, like you try to steal off the doctor's counter. Aw, come on, admit it - you know you do it!! Heehee!

Well, I had thought they were long since gone, I had gotten them several years ago, and I haven't run across one in quite a while, but, the other day - in the kitchen, I was so excited to see a My Very Own Mail pen.

I was so excited! I sequestered it to the mug on my desk where I keep pens, pencils, scissors, and such -- hoping against hope the monsters sweet children don't find it!

And it really has me thinking about buying some more - it was such a great promotional item!

And handy, too!


loretta said...

I already told the kids hands of my STNA promo pens, for mommy hands and promo hand outs only. Pen theives.

Lisa said...

Yep - little five-finger-villains!!