Friday, March 02, 2007

Online Dating Really Is So Normal Now

I think everybody should get with the program. Meeting someone online is no longer taboo. It is a totally normal thing.

Some of us spend countless hours online now, with our jobs, keeping in touch with cousins (Hi Shannon, Sharron, Erin, Lacey, John, Debby, Kathe, Rebecca, Marcy, Lynsey, Anne!) and all sorts of things. We research our family trees, we keep on top of our children's grades, even keep in touch with our children's teachers!

So meeting a potential soulmate online just doesn't seem so far-fetched, now does it? A few of those cousins I said "HI" to could tell you a thing or two about it! ;)

Also over, are the days of paying $300 - $600 - or even thousands - of dollars, on dating programs!! How ridiculous those programs are - I interviewed for a job at one of those places once, and it all seemed so superficial and revenue-focused (duh!) and how on earth am I going to meet someone to bear children with in an environment like that?!

There are great new sites online that are totally free - they are great interactive, Web 2.0 sites - message boards, surveys, polls - all kinds of things to get you involved!

You make your profile and fill out as much as you like, and then you can dig around and search other people's profiles!

There are even people from my little town listed on those sites - so you can go searching by town or zip code or a number of things.

Sounds like fun! Guess this married hippie better get off of there - heehee!

But you singles get on there and dig around - have fun!

Have a super groovylicious day!
Lisa Marie Mary

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