Friday, March 02, 2007

Rough, that's how I'm feeling

The last week has been an emotional roller-coaster...and I am so tired.

I was finishing up my blogging for the day last Friday, when I received the call that my aunt, whom we knew was very sick, had passed away.

Feeling spent, and sad, and tired, and weary - I headed out the door for an AA meeting - which I discovered to really be on Thursday nights. Ugh. Fine.

So I headed to the store to get a frozen dinner for myself and then next door for pizza for Mark and Sammie and her friend, and while in the grocery store, I received another phone call.

Unreal and unbelievable. My other aunt had also passed away - on the same day.

My mother's two brother's wives - on the same day.

So some of my blogging friends rallied together, as was previously mentioned, and bought me a plane ticket home.

Going home for the first time since moving away last summer. Only without my children. I felt so guilty for going home without them, as they are missing Dallas like crazy, but, there was no way we could all go. And there was hardly any time for anything besides saying goodbye to my darling aunts.

My brother from Pueblo also flew in. So my whole immediate family unit of my childhood was there - and that in itself is a feat. And emotionally complicated. Not surprising. Families can be difficult. Or ...people can be difficult for their families. I know I'm really good at being a pain in the butt.

We had viewings, funerals, and wakes to go to. It was physically and emotionally exhausting.

And now comes the let-down. Which for me is nothing compared to my sweet cousins.

If you pray, please pray for them. They could use it.

Thank you.

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