Friday, November 16, 2007

Stephen King's The Mist

The Mist by Stephen King looks so spooky and so good! There is just something so eery about a mist that consumes a town! And if that's not enough - the mist is not empty! There are very scary creatures in the mist! From the preview, they look to me like giant bugs! Could you get any scarier than that? I'm going to have nightmares just from watching the previews!!

I have such a love/hate relationship with Stephen King's material - you know what I mean? I go through peaks and valleys with my 'allowing' them into my head. Ha! He is absolutely amazing at crafting his stories, though - so amazing that it is truly sad to me to miss one of them. So for those times when I'm 'sworn off' - I feel so utterly left out. Then I give in and thoroughly enjoy his latest creation, and am so glad I did, but, have nightmares and 'scaredy-cat-itise' for weeks! Then I swear off of him, and the whole cycle begins again! Ha!

I think one of my very favorites would have to be Pet Sematary. In fact, that may just be the one that drew me 'into the circle' of fans. Just the title alone I'm sure made me look - I love pets and I love cemeteries. I've always been drawn to and fascinated by cemeteries. And who among us has not wished to bring someone, be they pet or human, back to life? That urge is so strong when someone (pet or human) dies, that it, to me, almost feels physical. So that story had many things to help me ignore my fear and dive into the chaotic and creepy world of Stephen King!

My brother was a big Cujo fan and when I finally saw it, I loved that one, too! And I really liked Thinner. It would be cool to have a collection of all of his books and movies, actually!

So yeah, I'm excited to see this latest release - it will be fun - in that, 'I can't breathe, I'm nauseous, turn on the lights, don't leave me!' kind of way!


madamspud169 said...

My favourite Stephen King book started a fear I have to this day of clowns. Yes, the book "it" made clowns go from being slightly comical, funny characters to something that makes me uncomfortable and uneasy.
Talk about a book changing your life.

Lisa said...

I totally hear you on that - his writing is just so powerful!!