Sunday, October 21, 2007

Personalized children's books and such

I just got the coolest music CD for my nephew, Scooter Pie. I can't wait for him to hear it. His name (other than Scooter Pie) ;) is DJ. They didn't have DJ, but, they did have Daniel. I am hoping that he gets called Daniel enough to appreciate the fact that the singers are singing to/about him. It is a good thing I am not the only one I'm relying on to have him familiar with the name Daniel, because, pretty much the only time I use his full name is when I'm disciplining him! ;) I'm pretty sure he's already working on writing out Daniel, though. So if I'm remembering that correctly, all will be good.

I got him the CD called "You're a Winner" and it is all about having positive self-esteem and knowing that you are unique, and indeed, a winner! I can hear him in my mind walking around the house singing the songs! And I sure do hope my 'visions' come true! The CD is en route to him through the USPS right now, but, I will report back when he gets it and listens to it. I listened to the whole thing before I sent it and I really liked it! (My fourteen-year old, rotten teen that he is, had good fun making fun of it! No worries - I've got plenty of goods on him! HA!)

There is a really cool Spiderman one that I would love to get him, as well! And then, of course, I want to pick out some for my nieces, too!

And I wouldn't just have to pick CD's for them, they have a large selection of personalized childrens books that I would love to get for them! And they also have the personalized baby book that I have been looking for since my second child was born. When my first was born, the hospital was giving them away. Then by the next year, they were no longer doing that, so my other son and my daughter don't have one all about the day they were born! :( So I have been trying to find one all this time and I'm thrilled that I can finally do that, too!

And you all know that I am a self-proclaimed children's literacy advocate, and there is no better way to get a kid excited about reading than to put him IN the story! I just love personalized books, especially for hesitant readers!


John C said...

I got one too a few weeks ago, and know what you mean. They're priceless. Great post, Lisa!

Lisa said...

I know, aren't they great? I just wish I could be there with him when he listens to it! (He is in Dallas.)
Thank you for the compliment! :)