Sunday, October 21, 2007

My connection issue

I have issues connecting, sometimes with people, but, the ‘connection issue’ that has me so flustrated right now has more to do with electronics. My dad (the Coolest dad EVER!) gave me a very nice laptop recently. I have frequently been the receiver of his techno-hand-me-downs when he purchases new stuff for himself, but, this time – after a couple of twists of fate – I wound up with a brand new IBM Thinkpad T61. This bad boy ROCKS! Rocks my socks – I’m completely in love, I tell you!

So, what, in Heaven’s name, then, could be the issue?! Let me tell you! I cannot stay connected to the internet unless I am in the room with the wireless router. It is really bumming me out.

Take now, for instance, I’m not feeling very well (icky migraine again – ugh!) and I am much more comfortable in my bedroom. It is a very comfy room, after all, and I’ve got my grandmother’s blanket on my lap – you just can’t get much better than that! So I came in here and I’m typing my posts up in Word, to be transferred later.

There were two times that I was actually able to connect while in my bedroom, but, they were very short-lived. It was funny, though, because, the second time, I got so excited – I actually got sick to my stomach! What a goof! Well, I really thought I had figured it out and I was just thrilled that it was actually going to happen! (Or so I thought.)

I think I just need a more powerful router, as it is obviously not a compatibility issue, since I can connect while I’m in there. It might just be that this super-duper snazzy new machine is just too much for that old router!

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