Sunday, October 21, 2007

Family gathering

We had the family over yesterday for two birthdays, that of an aunt and one of the cousins. We really lucked out, because, the aunt's daughter did all of the work. She even cleaned up - it was awesome, especially since I had a migraine. But we had a nice time hanging out with everyone. Some people were in the kitchen. Some people were relaxing in the dining room. Some of the kids were playing out front. Still more of the kids were playing out back. Still more of the kids were playing video games downstairs. Most of the menfolk sat outside under the pecan tree, around our firepit. And it was just a really nice evening. When Mark's cousin was leaving - the two of them were talking about getting together to grill some fish. I don't know what kind of fish and I don't know what kind of grilling. Maybe they were talking about using a billet grille. I don't know, though - I don't really even know at whose house they were talking about having it. I guess I will just find out when I find out.


grandi13 said...

Hey ! that would be neat--take the grille off the truck, cook your food, clean the grille and put it back on the truck. Saving money-only need to buy 1 grille.

Lisa said...

See - that's exactly right! Heehee! Who needs to buy two grilles?