Sunday, October 21, 2007

Halloween ROCKS!

Mark just got back from the store with Sammie and Shawn. They went to get groceries, but, they also went looking for Halloween goodies. The kids needed costumes and we needed a little more stuff for the house. Our decorations are a bit sparse. Neither of the kids got an animal costume, but, they did get neat ones! Sammie got a Vampire Lady dress that is so pretty and she got a pitchfork and some pointy teeth to go with it. Shawn got a black hooded robe and this very cool, and long, staff - that actually has a skull inside a plastic ball that lights up and spins! I can't wait to see how it works! Patrick is not quite sure what he'll be doing this year, if he is actually going to dress up or not. I imagine at the last minute, he'll throw on some kind of ghoulish makeup and go like that. Whatever he decides, I know we will all have fun. This is the best Halloween neighborhood we have ever lived in! I cannot wait!!

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