Sunday, October 21, 2007

Electronics Jinx

That's what I am - an electronics jinx. Seriously. When I was explaining all of my electonics jinxing to my mother, she was laughing so hard. Sure - she can laugh. She's not living it! Hrmph!

I've got a brand new laptop, that I cannot connect to the internet - except in the dining room.

I've had cellphone issues for about five years now - it's really, really pathetic. My poor brother had to call me back two or three times just in the course of our conversation yesterday. And I have to dance around the house while talking to anyone, because, a spot that has good reception this minute, might not the next. So I travel through the house, desperately trying to continue my phone conversations.

Mark just bought me a new camera - the camera is eating all of the batteries we put in it! So most of the time I have a brand new camera that doesn't work, as we can't keep up with supplying it batteries!

I swear there was at least one or two more electronics that I've succeeded in causing to malfunction, but, I can't seem to think of them. I'm sure if my mother reads this (Hi Momma!) she will enlighten us if I have, in fact, forgotten some of them! ;)

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