Sunday, October 21, 2007

Uppers come from downers?!

This is just really strange. We all have to get checked out like common criminals just to get our cold medicines, because, amateur chemists like to do funny things with them. But the funny thing is that they (the amateur chemists) turn them into uppers. But, when I take them, they turn me into the zombie queen. (A zombie queen who should just maybe, refrain from writing... ah well!) Anyhoo, the Sudafed I usually get doesn't usually zombie me out too badly, just a touch, but, my husband accidentally picked up the wrong one. The reason he didn't notice that it was the wrong one is that it only has two little, bitty letters added onto the end of it. And let me tell you - them's some STRONG little, bitty letters. Meet the 'Blog-Posting Zombie Queen'! Yikes! This stinks.

And yet, when the rotten, creepo, street chemists tinker with this stuff, they turn it into UPPERS. Maybe I should be buying it from them, you know?

No drivers license checks, no forms to fill out, no signatures needed - and I get enough energy plus some, to clean the house, or run and play at the park with the kids!

Or maybe the 'real chemists' could take classes from the 'street chemists'. I mean,think of it - the pharmacists are turning us all into zombified space cadets, and the street punks are turning out a bunch of super-charged, energized go-getters!

What's wrong with this picture?

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